Tobacco Bag Stringing

BEASLEY, MRS. PEARL, 506 Decatur St., So. Richmond, Va. age 50, husband 57, has no children living with her.

INCOME: Husband has a steady job sweeping floors at the Dixie Flour Mill at $14 a week; however, he has had to have an operation for ulcers of the stomach and will be unable to work for two or three months. His job is being held open for him, but in the meantime they have no income except what she makes by stringing bags.

HOME CONDITIONS: They rent three rooms in a house which is in good condition. They have a radio and an electric iron and fairly well furnished. When the husband is working they live well enough but now their existence is very uncertain. When the husband is working their grocery bill is $3.50 a week but now they only have enough to barely live on. The rent is $12.50 a month; water is 66 cents, electricity is $1.00 and insurance is 50 cents a week. She has been stringing bags for three years and makes $5.75 a month. If she does this work steadily, she becomes a little nervous. Since her husband has been sick she is absolutely dependent on this work for their living. If it was taken away from her at this time they would have to go on relief.

[Source: "Tobacco Bag Stringing Operations in North Carolina and Virginia." Richmond, Va.: 1939. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]