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In addition to covering news, humor, literature, and politics, UNC students produced many other types of publications through the years. This is just a small selection of publications covering residence halls, school, and class publications.

The Sixty-Niner, January 17, 1966

The Sixty-Niner was published by and for the class of 1969. This newsletter contains coverage of freshman sports, campus politics, and class members. Future “Shoe” cartoonist Jeff MacNelly was the staff artist.


Mighty Mo
, 1977
Morrison Residence College won this trophy for “Most Outstanding Residence College Newspaper.”

Morrison Newspaper

Betelgeuse, March 1969

The editors of Betelgeuse explain that they are attempting to continue the long line of UNC humor magazines such as Tarnation and the Buccaneer. “We intend,” they write, “to fool some of the people all of the time,” adding that “at least in Chapel Hill there will always be something to make fun of.” The magazine includes satires on Cliff’s Notes, fraternities, President Richard Nixon, and local law enforcement.

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