Currently Received Newspapers Search


UNC’s libraries receive over one hundred current North Carolina, national, and international newspapers in paper or microform, as well as many more electronically.

In Davis (Main) Library, current newspapers, as well as other periodicals including journals and magazines, are housed in the Reference Reading Room (1st floor). Shelf labels indicate title and retention information. These newspapers are retained for a limited period. Many are replaced with a permanent microform copy, housed in either the Davis Microforms Collection or the North Carolina Collection.

The North Carolina Collection houses many North Carolina newspapers, although the most current issues of the major newspapers are held in Davis. The NCC retains older issues as well as the microfilm for most North Carolina newspapers.

The House Undergraduate Library holds a selection of major national and North Carolina newspapers for one week in the Reserve Reading Room.

The Park Library subscribes to many North Carolina newspapers and major national papers.

The Currently Received Newspapers Database is a resource for locating current print and microform newspapers held in Davis Library, House Undergraduate Library, the North Carolina Collection, and Park Library. Using the search page, you will be able to find these newspapers by publication location (city, state, or country), language, or library location. The database also contains information about the retention and routing schedules for all currently received newspapers.

Electronic versions of many newspapers can be found in the news section of the Article Databases and More page and the newspaper section of the E-Journal Finder. More information on news research can be found in these guides.

For more help with news research, please contact Davis Library Research and Instructional Services at (919)962-1151.

For questions about current newspapers or the Currently Received Newspapers Database, please contact Serials Cataloging & Binding at (919)962-3672.