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The Rare Book Collection actively acquires new materials through gift and purchase.

Collection Development Policy

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Collection Strengths

Summaries of the RBC's many collection strengths will be part of a new RBC website that is scheduled to go live in September 2014.

About half the materials in the RBC are designated simply by location as Rare Book Collection in the online catalog, classified with Library of Congress call numbers. Some RBC materials are designated within the Rare Book Collection location as named special collections for their donors and/or subjects in the online catalog.

Named Special Collections

  • George Baer Collection of Bookbinding
  • Beats Collection
  • Lord Byron Collection
  • Cameron Sherlock Holmes Collection
  • Francis Carco Collection
  • Confederate Imprint Collection
  • J. M. Dent Imprint Collection
  • Charles Dickens Collection
  • Estienne Imprint Collection
  • Bernard J. Flatow Collection of Latin American Cronistas
  • Robert Frost Collection
  • Carl W. Gottschalk Collection on the Human Kidney
  • Bowman Gray Collection of World Wars I and II graphic materials
  • Archie Green Collection
  • Grove Press Imprint Collection
  • Hoyt Collection of French History (The Revolution and Napoleon)
  • Incunabula
  • Samuel Johnson and James Boswell Collection
  • John Keats Collection
  • Kellam "The Night Before Christmas" Collection
  • C. S. Lewis Collection
  • Manuscripts, Medieval and Renaissance
  • Mass Market Paperbacks Collection
  • Mazarinade Collection
  • Minton Science Fiction Collection
  • John Murray/Smith-Elder Imprint Collection
  • Mystery-Detective Collection (Barzun-Taylor)
  • James R. and Mary M. Patton Collection
  • Henry Pearson Seamus Heaney Collection
  • Walker Percy Collection
  • André Savine Collection
  • George Bernard Shaw Collection
  • Southern Pamphlet Collection
  • George E. and Melinda Y. Stuart Collection
  • Ticknor and Fields Imprint Collection
  • Travel Collection
  • Victorian Bindings Collection
  • William Wordsworth Collection
  • Wilmer Civil War Novels
  • William Butler Yeats