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About the dent Collection

The Dent Collection at the Rare Book Collection of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Everyman, I will go with thee, and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side."

Founded in London in 1888 J.M. Dent and Sons initially grew through the promotion of original series such as "Medieval Towns," the highly successful "Temple" pocket Shakespeare, "Temple Classics," the "Collection Gallia" and the "Wayfarer’s Library." J.M. Dent successfully entered the international publishing market by offering collected editions of Jane Austen, Joseph Conrad, and W. H. Hudson. J.M. Dent & Sons publishing company is probably most recognized for creating the "Everyman's Library," a collection of over one thousand pieces of the world's greatest literature priced for the common person's pocketbook-one shilling per volume. Dent also contributed greatly to publishing history by his patronage of such talented artists and illustrators as Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham, the Detmold brothers, Edmund Dulac, the Brock brothers, the Robinson brothers, and Jessie M. King. After nearly a century of publication, Dent & Sons closed its doors in the 1980s.

While the Rare Book Collection's Dent holdings are sizeable, containing approximately 4,300 items, this number represents only a fraction of the company's output. This database enumerates proof and file copies, house organs, and other published materials relating to the firm.

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