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A. In Microforms: Currently received.

Title Place of Publication Holdings Call Number
Los Angeles Sentinel Los Angeles, CA 1969-present Microfilm Serial 1-916
Chicago Defender (Daily Ed.) Chicago, IL Feb. 1956-present Microfilm Serial 1-943
Michigan Chronicle Detroit, MI Feb. 1943-Aug 1985, 1986-present Microfilm Serial 1-918

B. In Microforms: Not currently received. Arranged by state, city.
Brackets around dates indicate some issues missing.

Title Place of Publication Holdings Call Number
Huntsville Gazette Huntsville, AL 1881-1894 Film 071.61 H956
Negro Farmer Tuskeegee, AL 1914-Oct. 1915 Film Serial 1-994
Negro Farmer & Messenger Tuskeegee, AL Nov. 1915-Nov. 1917 Film Serial 1-994
The Elevator San Francisco, CA [1865-1898] Film Serial 1-246
Afro-American Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Sept. 1932-1985; 1991-1995 Microfilm Serial 1-193
Colored American Washington, DC 1898-1904 Film O71.53 C719
New Era/New National Era and Citizen Washington, DC 1872-1874 Film Serial 1-150
Washington Afro-American Washington, DC 1932-1981 Film Serial 1-193
Washington Bee Washington, DC [1882-1922] Film O71.53 W317
The Broad Axe Chicago, IL (Published in Salt Lake City, UT, 1895-1899) 1899-1927 Film O71.73 B863
Chicago Defender (Big Weekend Ed.) Chicago, IL 1968-Feb. 2008 Microfilm Serial 1-896
Chicago Defender (City Ed.) Chicago, IL 1909-1967 Microfilm Serial 1-896
Chicago Defender (National Ed.) Chicago, IL 1921-1967 Microfilm Serial 1-896a
Illinois Record Springfield, IL [1897-1899] Film O71.73 I29
The Freeman Indianapolis, IN [1886]-1916 Film O71.72 F855
Iowa State Bystander Des Moines, IA [1896]-1900 Film O71.77 B997
The Atchison Blade Atchison, KS [1892-1894] Film O71.81 A 863
The American Citizen Kansas City, KS (Published in Topeka, KS, 1888-1889) 1889-1907 Film O71.81 A512
The Leavenworth Advocate (Continued by the Times-Observer, Topeka, KS) Leavenworth, KS 1888-1891 Film O71.81 L439
Leavenworth Herald Leavenworth, KS 1894-1898 Film O71.81 L4392
Parsons Weekly Blade Parsons, KS 1892-1900 Film O71.81 P267
The American Citizen Topeka, KS(Published in Kansas City, KS 1889-1907) 1888-1889 Film O71.81 A5122
The Times-Observer (Continues Leavenworth Advocate, Leavenworth, KS) Topeka, KS 1891-1892 Film O71.81 T583
The Colored Citizen Topeka, KS 1897-1900 Film O71.81 C719
The Weekly Call Topeka, KS 1891-1898 Film O71.81 W394
National Reflector Wichita, KS 1895-1897 Film O71.81 N277
Wichita Searchlight Wichita, KS 1900-1912 Film O71.81 W634
New Orleans Tribune New Orleans, LA 1864-1869 Film O71.63 N5324
Weekly Louisianan New Orleans, LA 1870-1882 Film O71.63 W394
Afro-American (National ed.) Baltimore, MD 1986-Feb. 1988 Film Serial 1-193a
Baltimore Afro-American (National ed.) Baltimore, MD 1989-1995 Film Serial 1-193a
Freedman Boston, MA 1864-1869 Film Serial 1-464
Freedman’s Journal Boston, MA (also New York, NY) 1865-1866 Film Serial 1-463
The Plaindealer Detroit, MI 1889-1893 Film O71.74 P698
The Appeal (The Western Appeal) St. Paul, MN 1885-1923 Film O71.76 A646
The Broad Ax St. Paul, MN 1891-1903 Film O71.76 B863
The Rising Son Kansas City, MO 1903-1907 Film O71.78 R595
St. Louis Palladium St. Louis, MO 1903-1907 Film O71.78 S1454
The Afro-American Sentinel Omaha, NE 1896-1899 Film O71.82 A258
The Sentinel Trenton, NJ 1880-1882 Film O71.49 S478
The African New York, NY 1947-1948 Film Serial 1-420
The Colored American New York, NY 1840-1841 Film Serial 1-121
Freedmen’s Advocate New York, NY 1864-1865 Film Serial 1-427
Freedmen’s Journal New York, NY (also Boston, MA) 1865-1866 Film Serial 1-463
Freedom’s Journal New York, NY 1827-1829 Film 326.05 F853
The Liberator New York, NY 1929-1932 Film Serial 1-42
National Freedman New York, NY 1865-1866 Film Serial 1-442
The Negro World New York, NY 1926-1933 Film Serial 1-46
New York Age New York, NY 1887-1892; 1900 Film O71.47 N5375
New York Amsterdam News New York, NY [1922], 1923-2005 Microfilm Serial 1-677
Weekly Advocate New York, NY 1837 Film Serial 1-121
Cleveland Gazette Cleveland, OH 1883-1945 Film O71.71 C634
Portland New Age Portland, OR 1900-1907 Film O71.95 N532
The Brown American Philadelphia, PA 1936-1945 Fiche Serial 1-134
The Christian Recorder Philadelphia, PA 1854-1856; 1861-1902 Film Serial 1-397
Courier (National Ed.) Pittsburgh, PA 1949, 1951-52, 1958, 1960-1966 Microfilm Serial 1-543
New Pittsburgh Courier (National Ed.) Pittsburgh, PA 1966-1985 Microfilm Serial 1-543
The Broad Axe Salt Lake City, UT (Published in Chicago, IL 1899-1927) 1895-1899 Film O71.73 B863
Richmond Planet Richmond, VA 1885-1890; 1895-1900 Film O71.55 R533
Wisconsin Weekly Advocate Milwaukee, WI 1898-1907 Film O71.75 W811

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