Software Downloads

WARNING: The software below is made available for download, experimentation and use without any warrantee. You may use it at your own risk.

Carolina Digital Repository Virtual Machine Image

This image allows users to run the Carolina Digital Repository software as a VM using VirtualBox.

CDR Image - Released 05/08/2015
CDR Image (1.9G)

Curator's Workbench

The workbench is desktop software for capture and arrangement of submissions to a repository. (details...) For older versions of the workbench, see the older versions page.

Latest Build - 4.1.5 (w/bundled Java 7 update 40)
Windows 64 bit
Windows 32 bit
Mac OS X 64 bit App Bundle (Cocoa)
Linux 64 bit (GTK)
Updates Repository

The workbench can download and install its own updates. The update repository URL is already configured in the distributions above. Simply choose "Check for Updates" from the Help menu.

If you are helping us test new features, then you may want to add our testing repository to your workbench configuration:

Curator's Workbench Testing Repository

Sample Files for Workshops