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Featured New Sites, Week of September 27, 2015 - October 04, 2015.

Ontario Black History Society
The Ontario Black History Society is devoted to the "study, preservation and promotion of Black History and heritage". The site includes biographical profiles of notable people, information about historic sites in Ontario, and links to resources on the web.
IL--Charles Warner Pierce, 1867-1947: A digital Exhibit from
Charles Warner Pierce, believed to be the first African American to receive a degree in chemical engineering, studied at Armour Institute of Technology and graduated in 1901. Located in Chicago's historically black South Side neighborhood, Bronzeville, Armour is now known as the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The digital exhibit hosted by IIT features images documenting Pierce's time at Armour, including transcripts and yearbooks.
Mapping the Stacks: A Guide to Black Chicago's Hidden Archives
Contains archival materials of mid-20th century African-American Chicago culture, including primary source documents and finding aids.
MD--African-American History in Allegany County
Contains an extensive collection of over 400 annotated photographs documenting the history of African-Americans in rural Allegany County, Maryland.
NOBCChE: National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers
The website of a non-profit professional organization of African-American chemists and chemical engineers. Offers numerous career services and networking resources.
Physicists of the African Diaspora
This page contains links to resources about Black physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, and computer scientists. Contains biographical, historical, and media information.
Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
A collaborative project of Emory University and other institutions, this is an interactive database of 19th-century slave voyages across the Atlantic. It contains information on over 34,000 voyages and 67,000 captives.
Virginia Emigrants to Liberia Project
Between 1820 and 1865 more than 3,700 African-Americans from Virginia emigrated to Liberia. This project contains two searchable databases for emigrants and emancipators, along with links to resources about Liberia.
The Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
This is a virtual exhibit of information on the Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with information on Railroad origins, history, and famous personalities.
Famous Black Inventors
Set up by an inventor services company, with website profiles 18 influential African-American inventors, both modern and historical. It also contains "The Black Inventor Online Museum", which contains short biographies of dozens of lesser-known black inventors.