The Story: Early 1900's Asheville

While the resort business reigned supreme in Asheville, it was not the only aspect of the economy during the first three decades of the twentieth century. In particular, manufacturing was thriving in early twentieth century Asheville, as the abundant natural resources and pleasant climate attracted industries such as paper making, rayon yarn, furniture, hosiery and printing (Asheville Industrial Council 1957 & Chase 2007). The 1900 census showed 208 manufacturing establishments in Buncombe County (Historical Census Browser). Beyond tourism and manufacturing, Asheville maintained a broad-based economy with strong agriculture, service, financial, engineering, automobile and real estate sectors. For example, there were over 4,000 farms in Buncombe County at the turn of the century, a number that held relatively strong at 3,700 by 1930 (Social Explorer Data Set).