Frank Durham:
Oh, it's terrible. I mean in the air it is. When I was coming along up and for a long time, that was all in the air. It's a wonder I can breathe, but somehow or another it didn't affect me like it did some folks.

Douglas Denetale , interviewer:
Did it bother people, all that dust?

Frank Durham:
No, not too bad. But it just killed some folks. They had to get out. Couldn't stand it…But some of that dust was terrible in the card room, especially around them cards. Whew. They stripped them cards out. You had to strip them three times a day. That dust would accumulate in the doffer as it turned between the doffer and the cylinder. The cylinder would turn this way and the doffer would turn this way, and the doffer would take it off and bring it around and make a roll - was carding. That was terrible dust when you went to clean that out and strip it out. And you had to strip them about every three hours, get all that stuff out. It would get to where it wouldn't do its work, it would be so full of particles and dust.

- Frank Durham, Chatham County, NC

Interview with Frank Durham by Douglas Denetale, Sept 10 and 17, 1979, Interview H-0067, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.