The Story: The Mill Village

The mills do not lack for social life and out of door sports. There is a sixteen-piece band in the village, baseball and basket ball teams, a splendid tennis court, playgrounds for the kiddies, and a large swimming pool is in course of construction.

- Mill News: The Great Southern Weekly for Textile Workers, 1920

Mill village baseball team at Fulton Mill, SC
"A Fulton Baseball Nine. " - Fulton Mill, SC
Mill News, 1920

Interview with Eva Hopkins
- Charlotte, NC

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Along with housing and welfare programs, many mill owners provided recreation for mill village residents. Community centers and YMCAs funded by the mills taught classes, held dances and dinners, and sponsored sports teams. The sports teams’ uniforms, fields and equipment were paid for by the mills, who hoped to create a sense of solidarity among residents who cheered for the teams. This solidarity was meant to translate into a loyalty to the mill itself. Baseball was especially popular, and teams from different mill villages played each other in leagues.