Icy Norman:
It was a big nursery there that the company had. And they would keep tiny babies, they'd keep year old, two years, on up til they was sixteen years old. They had a category for each one, you know. And they had trained nurses. And they checked - now, you went in that nursery, well, they changed your clothes. They put their clothes on you. And they checked each child every morning. And in the - little tots, you call them now, they'd be a room where, you know, they could set up to the little table. They'd have kind of a big round table, about that wide - I can see it now - with little chairs for them little young'uns to sit there to eat. That's where they'd eat. Then they had a place for the bigger children. Oh, it was a huge place, you know. They went in age groups. And they had doctors to come in once a week and check each child. And if any one of the child was runnning a temperature, they would send for its mother to come home, to come to the nursery and take that child home.

Mary Murphy, interviewer:
Now did the mill pay for all this?

Icy Norman: Yeah, the mill paid for that. And old Dr. Crumpler was the mill doctor there. And they had a dentist, I forget what the dentist's name was. I know one time, I had a toothache. My daddy carried me up there, and that old dentist, he pulled my tooth. Didn't numb it, nothing - I thought I would die, I thought I would die sure enough. And you know, that made me scared of dentists, I was scared to death. Oh, brother. And it was years before I'd go to one.

- Icy Norman, Burlington, NC

Interview with Icy Norman by Mary Murphy, April 6 and 30, 1979, Interview H-0036, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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