The Story: Effects of Integration

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"Boston Exchange"
- Latrelle McAllister

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Charlotte’s successful integration experience became a model for school districts across the country. West Charlotte High School began a student-exchange program with students in Boston during the late 1970s. Boston faced many of the issues with which Charlotte had struggled, but unlike Charlotte, experienced many violent incidents involving blacks and whites, children and adults. The West Charlotte students hoped to share their experiences with integration, and to both learn from and help the Boston students with their own integration process.

"I Was Proud"
- Carrie Abramson

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Many Charlotte-Mecklenburg students who attended desegregated schools during the 1970s and 1980s felt that the experience was a valuable one. Some of the benefits former students cite are an increased understanding of other cultures, an ability to get along with people from different backgrounds, and an awareness of the issues that minority students deal with every day.