The Story: The Storm

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"The water had that angry force. Like it would turn your furniture went in there like a thief and turned over everything. Turned your bed sideways. It's just devastating. To look at that, that's when it breaks you up."

-Rev. Bert Pickett, Whitestocking, NC

hurricane floyd
NASA satellite image of the hurricane.

Less than two weeks before Hurricane Floyd made landfall, North Carolina had been inundated with rain from slow-moving Hurricane Dennis. As Dennis drifted for days off the North Carolina coast, its winds dumped 3 to 10 inches across the eastern half of the state. The ground was saturated with water and waterways were still flowing with run-off from Dennis when Hurricane Floyd struck the state on September 16, 1999.

In early September, the spiraling formation of wind and rain known as Hurricane Floyd formed as a tropical wave off the Western coast of Africa. It crossed the Atlantic, picking up speed and intensity. By the time it hit parts of the Bahamas, it was considered a category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

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