Educators' Guide

Lesson Plans

Crossword Puzzle
Fun for all
Students will review vocabulary words used throughout the learning module. The link above will take you to an interactive online crossword puzzle. If you would prefer the paper version, first print out the puzzle boxes, then click here for the: puzzle key (RTF) and puzzle clues (RTF).

Where Have We Been? Tracing Family through a Timeline of National History
Grade 5 - Social Studies
Students will recognize how wars and technological developments have impacted the movement of people, relate history to the personal experiences of one community through listening to oral histories and then consider it in the context of their own family and the families of their classmates, and formulate their own opinions about how communities and families can preserve fundamental values in a world that is rapidly changing.

Changing Communities: Past vs. Future
Grade 8 - Social Studies
Grade 10 - English Language Arts
Grades 11 & 12 - Social Studies
Students will recognize the complexities of community development, and understand the arguments both for and against modernization, relate history to the personal experiences of North Carolinians through listening to oral histories, and formulate their own opinions about this controversial issue and express them in an editorial.

Interstate Highways From the Ground Up
Grades 11 &12 - Social Studies
Through the use of oral histories, students will learn about the historic origins of the interstate highway system, consider the impact of highways in their lives and the lives of all Americans, and evaluate the pros and cons of an interstate highway system.

Oral History Resources

Audio Toolkit for Teachers
Become familiar with the audio format you will use with these oral histories and troubleshoot any potential problems before using audio in your classroom.

Oral History Overview
Gain a broad understanding of how you can use oral histories with your students (no matter what subject you teach), why they are important, and what tools are available to make using oral histories much easier.

Other Resources
A list of other web sites that use or explain oral histories.