You're described as a Populist. What does that mean to you?
George Wallace:
I don't know. You newspaper folks call me a Populist. I never called myself publicly a Populist. I don't know what the term exactly means. It's according to how you use it. I try to be a man of the people. I recognize like most southerners, that, you know, we sort of felt victims and oppressed by eastern interests in the olden days and we sold our agricultural products on an unprotected market and bought goods on a protected market when we was purely agrarian. We sort of resented all of that because we thought folks made money off of us and we were left holding the bag. I always sort of felt that that wasn't right and I reckon any politician would say a man of the people--that's what a Populist means.

- George Wallace, former Alabama governor and presidential candidate

Interview with George Wallace by Walter Devries and Jack Bass, July 15, 1974, Interview A-0024, in the Southern Oral History Program Collection #4007, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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