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**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#Museum Items|Museum Items]]
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#Museum Items|Museum Items]]
*'''[[How to Proceed: Arranging#Additions|Additions]]'''
*'''[[How to Proceed: Arranging#Additions|Additions]]'''
*'''[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.1. Basic Premises|3.1. Basic Premises]]'''
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.1.1. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It|3.1.1. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It]]
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.1.2. Relative Research Value|3.1.2. Relative Research Value]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Priority Level| Priority Level]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Processing and Control Levels| Processing and Control Levels]]
*'''[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.2. The Break Down|3.2. The Break Down]]'''
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.2.1. Type/Format Arrangements|3.2.1. Type/Format Arrangements]]
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.2.2. Activity/Function Arrangement|3.2.2. Activity/Function Arrangement]]
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.2.3. The Twain Shall Meet|3.2.3. The Twain Shall Meet]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# The One and Only, Part I| The One and Only, Part I]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Subgroups| Subgroups]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Series and Subseries| Series and Subseries]]
****[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Sequence of Series| Sequence of Series]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Files and Items| Files and Items]]
**[[How to Proceed: Arranging#3.2.4. Where Should I Put It|3.2.4. Where Should I Put It]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Correspondence| Correspondence]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Writings| Writings]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Financial and Legal Materials| Financial and Legal Materials]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Subject Files| Subject Files]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Research Notes| Research Notes]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Printed Material/Clippings| Printed Material/Clippings]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Other Materials| Other Materials]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Volumes| Volumes]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Pictures| Pictures]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Audio/Film/Video/Microform/Electronic Media| Audio/Film/Video/Microform/Electronic Media]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Museum Items| Museum Items]]
***[[How to Proceed: Arranging# Additions| Additions]]
==4. [[How to Proceed: Describing|Describing]]==
==4. [[How to Proceed: Describing|Describing]]==

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Preparing to Process


4. Describing

5. Housing and Preserving

6. Finishing the Job


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