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  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
     <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, front</pagetitle>
     <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, front</pagetitle>

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Compound Objects in django

Multi-page maps, called "compound objects" in CONTENTdm, pose a structural challenge in transitioning to a new system. In the data exported from CONTENTdm, compound object metadata is listed in separate rows: one for the object metadata, and then as many rows as necessary for the page metadata. The structure of the compound object is defined in a small XML file with the extension .cpd in CONTENTdm.

Sample Compound Object

The 1936 [State Highway Map of North Carolina] contains two sides, front and back.

Object Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Repository North Carolina State Archives
Title State highway system of North Carolina
date_published_numeric 1936
Date Published 1936
content_date_numeric 1936
Date Depicted 1936
Creator - Individual Sawyer, C. M.
Creator - Organization North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission.
Place of Publication Raleigh
Publisher North Carolina State Highway Commission.;Edwards & Broughton
Caption At lower right: "Prepared by C.M. Sawyer. Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton Co."
Abstract This is the color version of the 1936 edition of the state highway map. Shows highways coded by surface type (hard surface, gravel-topsoil, earth, and unimproved). Also shows the Blue Ridge Parkway (Under Construction) , ferries, and parks and national forests. Relief shown pictorially. The back of the map has several color illustrations and photographs, including a panorama of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and scenic shots from around the state.
Related Maps MC.150.1936na
Theme Transportation and Communication
Type Highway
Details Colors;County Boundaries;Decorative Illustrations;Distances;Lakes;Legends;Parks;Photographs;Roads
Subject - Topical Roads -- North Carolina -- Maps.
Subject - Graphic Ships
Scope United States, North Carolina
Places Depicted North Carolina
West Longitude -84.466667
East Longitude -75.333333
North Latitude 36.758333
South Latitude 33.688889
Scale 1:823,680
Size 39.2 x 102.6 cm.
Medium Paper
Language English
Call Number MC.150.1936nb;MARS Id 3.3.545
Filename 763.cpd
Compound Object Structure
<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, front</pagetitle>
   <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, back</pagetitle>

Page 1 Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Title Front
path \\\ncc\NCMaps\State Archives\NC Colony and State Maps\Vol5\
raw_scan_filename MC_150_1936nb.tif
image_sort_order 10
Filename 761.jp2

Page 2 Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Title Back
path \\\ncc\NCMaps\State Archives\NC Colony and State Maps\Vol5\
image_sort_order 20
raw_scan_filename MC_150_1936nb_back.tif
Filename 762.jp2
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