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Compound Objects in CONTENTdm

Multi-page maps, called "compound objects" in CONTENTdm, pose a structural challenge in transitioning to a new system. In the data exported from CONTENTdm, compound object metadata is listed in separate rows: one for the object metadata, and then as many rows as necessary for the page metadata. The structure of the compound object is defined in a small XML file with the extension .cpd in CONTENTdm.

Guidelines for Creating Compound Objects

  • All descriptive metadata should go into the object metadata record. Even if multiple pages need to be described separately, this should be done in the abstract field in teh object metadata record.
  • The object metadata record and the pages should have the same map_id (this is important).
  • There should be no image metadata in the object metadata record.
  • Use simple titles for pages, usually just "Page 1" and "Page 2" or "Front" and "Back".
  • Image metadata, including the raw_scan_filename, path, and technical metadata, should be in the page metadata record.
  • The image_sort_order field will define the sort order for the compound objects when the records are exported from CONTENTdm -- these should be in multiples of 10.

Sample Compound Object

The 1936 State Highway Map of North Carolina contains two sides, front and back.

Object Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Repository North Carolina State Archives
Title State highway system of North Carolina
date_published_numeric 1936
Date Published 1936
content_date_numeric 1936
Date Depicted 1936
Creator - Individual Sawyer, C. M.
Creator - Organization North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission.
Place of Publication Raleigh
Publisher North Carolina State Highway Commission.;Edwards & Broughton
Caption At lower right: "Prepared by C.M. Sawyer. Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton Co."
Abstract This is the color version of the 1936 edition of the state highway map. Shows highways coded by surface type (hard surface, gravel-topsoil, earth, and unimproved). Also shows the Blue Ridge Parkway (Under Construction) , ferries, and parks and national forests. Relief shown pictorially. The back of the map has several color illustrations and photographs, including a panorama of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and scenic shots from around the state.
Related Maps MC.150.1936na
Theme Transportation and Communication
Type Highway
Details Colors;County Boundaries;Decorative Illustrations;Distances;Lakes;Legends;Parks;Photographs;Roads
Subject - Topical Roads -- North Carolina -- Maps.
Subject - Graphic Ships
Scope United States, North Carolina
Places Depicted North Carolina
West Longitude -84.466667
East Longitude -75.333333
North Latitude 36.758333
South Latitude 33.688889
Scale 1:823,680
Size 39.2 x 102.6 cm.
Medium Paper
Language English
Call Number MC.150.1936nb;MARS Id 3.3.545
Filename 763.cpd

Page 1 Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Title Front
path [location of image in digital archive]
raw_scan_filename MC_150_1936nb.tif
image_sort_order 10
Filename 761.jp2

Page 2 Metadata
map_id MC_150_1936nb
Title Back
path [location of image in digital archive]
image_sort_order 20
raw_scan_filename MC_150_1936nb_back.tif
Filename 762.jp2

Compound Object Structure (from the 763.cpd file)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, front</pagetitle>
   <pagetitle>State highway system of North Carolina, back</pagetitle>
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