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This field contains the name of the corporate body or bodies responsible for creating the map. In most instances, this field will hold the name of a government agency or business that sponsored the creation of the map. For example, the North Carolina State Highway Commission has sponsored the creation of many county road maps, while the North Carolina Department of Agriculture has contributed to the creation of county soil surveys. As with all of the Creator fields, the name used should conform to the authorized name as established by the Library of Congress. (See Library of Congress Authorities at

Government Agencies as Creators

State and federal governments have long been involved in the creation of maps, and have produced some of the most common and more accurate maps available. This is true in North Carolina, as elsewhere. The first map sponsored in part by the state was published in 1808. By the end of the 19th century, various state agencies were producing maps on a regular basis. Maps of North Carolina produced by the federal government (particularly the U.S. Coast Survey) began appearing as early as the 1830s.

Authorized names should be available for nearly all governmental agencies responsible for the creation of North Carolina maps. However, the cataloger will have to be careful in choosing the correct one, because government agencies often change names. For example, a set of county road maps was produced in North Carolina in 1938, sponsored by two state and federal agencies:

North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission.
United States. Public Roads Administration.

When a new set of county road maps were issued in the mid 1960s, the names of the agencies had changed to:

North Carolina State Highway Commission. Planning and Research Dept.
United States. Federal Highway Administration.

Publishers as Creators

Publishers can be creators, if they were responsible for initiating and overseeing the creation of map. However, this can be difficult to determine. The AACR2 Cartographic Materials manual says that "This knowledge depends on the cataloguer's familiarity with the field and with the preparation and publishing practices of the body concerned" (1-25). The same should apply here. If you have evidence that the publisher was instrumental in creating the map, then include the authorized version of the name in this field. When in doubt, do not include it here.

Contents of the Creator - Organization Field

The following names are used in the Creator - Organization field in North Carolina Maps as of April 26, 2008:

Adam and Charles Black (Firm).
Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal Company.
Andrus & Judd.
Asher & Adams.
Bandy & Myers.
Bowen & Co.
Cady & Burgess.
Confederate States of America. Army. Corps of Engineers.
E. & G.W. Blunt (Firm).
Fenner, Sears & Co.
France. Depot des cartes et plans de la marine.
G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.
Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Germany)
Geological Survey (U.S.)
Good Roads Commission of Halifax County.
Graphic Co., Photo-Lithographers
H.B. Stranahan and Co.
H.H. Lloyd & Co.
Halifax County (N.C.). Board of County Commissioners.
Halifax County (N.C.). Board of Education.
Halsey Mining and Smelting Co.
Harper & Brothers.
Holden & Wilson.
Homann Erben (Firm)
I.T. Hinton & Simpkin & Marshall.
Illman & Pilbrow
Illman & Pilbrow.
J. & C. Walker (Firm)
J. & C. Walker (Firm).
J.H. Colton & Co.
James & Brown, C.E.
John F. Waite Publishing Company
Johnson & Browning.
Johnson and Ward.
L. Johnson & Son.
Lang & Laing Lith.
Matthews Printing and Lithographic Co., Charleston, W.Va.
Morse and Tuttle.
Moss Engraving Co.
Nash County (N.C.). Board of Education.
Nash County (N.C.). County Commissioners.
Nichols & Gorman.
North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station.
North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey.
North Carolina Geological Survey (1883-1905).
North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission
North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission.
North Carolina State Highway Commission. Planning and Research Dept.
North Carolina. Corporation Commission.
North Carolina. Dept. of Agriculture.
North Carolina. State Geologist.
O.W. Gray & Son.
Pearce & Williams.
Rand McNally and Company.
Remondini (Firm).
Roanoke and Southern Railway Company.
Robert Laurie and James Whittle.
Robert Sayer and John Bennett (Firm).
Sanborn Map Company.
Schonberg & Co.
Simpkin & Marshall.
Snyder, Black & Sturn.
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain).
Southern Map Company.
Taintor Brothers, Merrill & Co.
Tennessee Valley Authority.
The Century Company.
The Matthews-Northrup Company.
The Scarborough Company.
Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.
United States Coast Survey.
United States Geological Survey
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers.
United States. Army. Office of the Chief of Engineers.
United States. Bureau of Chemistry and Soils.
United States. Bureau of Plant Industry.
United States. Bureau of Public Roads.
United States. Bureau of Soils.
United States. Congress. Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
United States. Federal Civil Works Administration.
United States. Federal Highway Administration.
United States. Post Office Department.
United States. Public Roads Administration.
United States. Topographical Bureau.
United States. War Department.
Virtue, Yorsten & Company
W. Endicott & Co.
Wagner & M'Guigan.
Warner & Beers.
Wells and Brinkley.
West Publishing Company.
Wm. M. Bradley & Bros.
Young & Delleker.
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