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Introduction, blah blah blah...

Rhumblines: also rhumb lines or rumb lines. "This line of constant bearing is called a Rhumb line. The word 'rhumb' (or sometimes rumb and it is the same in French though not very well known) comes from the name of angle measurement representing the 'point' on the old fashioned compass cards. There are 32 'rhumbs' in 360 degrees, hence a rhumb is 11 1/4 degrees." (Source?)

Detail from "A new chart of the coast of North America from Cuurituck Inlet to Savannah River...," 1794. NCC call number Cm912m N87 1794.
Detail from..... NCC call number ???.

Detail from "A New and Accurate Map of the Province of North and South Carolina, Georgia, etc.," 1747. NC Archives call number MC.150.1747b.
Detail from "Map of North and South Carolina and Georgia, Constructed from the Latest Authorities," 1827. NC Archives call number MC.150.1827f.
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