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(North Carolina Maps: A Guide for Description and Digitization)
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===Describing North Carolina Maps===
===Describing North Carolina Maps===
[[North Carolina Maps Metadata Schema]]
[[Metadata Schema|''North Carolina Maps'' Metadata Schema]]
[[Finding Coordinates]]
[[Finding Coordinates]]

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North Carolina Maps: A Guide for Description and Digitization

This guide is presented as a resource for librarians, archivists, museum professionals, students, and scholars who are involved in describing, digitizing, publishing, and studying historic maps of North Carolina. The guide is a product of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the North Carolina Maps digital project produced by the UNC-Chapel Hill University Library, the North Carolina State Archives, and the Outer Banks History Center.

Describing North Carolina Maps

North Carolina Maps Metadata Schema

Finding Coordinates

North Carolina Counties: Bounding Coordinates

North Carolina Regions


Subject: Layer

Studying North Carolina Maps


North Carolina Counties: Date Founded

Digitizing North Carolina Maps

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