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(Describing North Carolina Maps)
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[[North Carolina Counties: Date Founded]]
[[North Carolina Counties: Date Founded|Table of North Carolina Counties by Date Founded]]
===Digitizing North Carolina Maps===
===Digitizing North Carolina Maps===

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North Carolina Maps: A Guide for Description and Digitization

"North Carolina From the Latest Surveys, by Samuel Lewis," 1814. State Archives call number MC.150.1814le.

This guide is presented as a resource for librarians, archivists, museum professionals, students, and scholars who are involved in describing, digitizing, publishing, and studying historic maps of North Carolina. The guide is a product of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the North Carolina Maps digital project produced by the UNC-Chapel Hill University Library, the North Carolina State Archives, and the Outer Banks History Center.

Describing North Carolina Maps

North Carolina Maps Metadata Schema

Describing Layers of Detail in Maps

Describing Relief in Maps

Studying North Carolina Maps



Table of North Carolina Counties by Date Founded

Digitizing North Carolina Maps

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