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For North Carolina Maps, we have identified maps that show only a part of the state by region. This is in addition to listing more specific locations, when they are appropriate.

While it's clear that North Carolina has distinct geographic regions, the boundaries of these are not universally established and are sometimes subject to heated debate. For this project, we developed the map below in order to guide the assignment of regional subjects to maps. The "Eastern Region" is the same region that has been defined for the Eastern North Carolina Digital Library at East Carolina University. The "Western Region" contains the counties listed in that region in the local cataloging standards used by the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill.


These intra-state regions are recorded in the "Scope" field in the North Carolina maps project. The Scope fields contains a hierarchical list of place names. The Scope field maps to MARC field 662 (Subject Added Entry–Hierarchical Place Name) and MODS <subject> subelement <hierarchicalGeographic>.

North Carolina Maps uses the following hierarchy:

Intra-State Region
County City
Part of City

For example, a map most of the North Carolina coast would receive the heading "United States, North Carolina, Eastern Region", while a detailed map of Charlotte would receive the heading "United States, North Carolina, Piedmont Region, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte."

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