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Describing North Carolina Maps: Publisher

This field holds the name of the individual(s), government agencies, or corporate bodies responsible for publishing the map.

The practice of the North Carolina Maps project differs from AACR2 in using standardized names in this field. Rather than reproducing the statement of publication as it appears on the map in this field, the exact wording of the statement of publication is recorded in the Caption field, while a standardized name is recorded in this field. This will allow users to quickly and effectively search and browse records of maps published by a specific publisher.

Contents of the Publisher Field

The following names are included in the Publisher field in North Carolina Maps (as of April 26, 2008):

[A. Godbid and J. Playford]
[A.S. Barnes & Co.]
[Asher & Adams]
[C.D. Strong]
[Chez Francois Fabri]
[chez L'auteur]
[D.S. Stone]
[Depot de la marine]
[E. Wells Sackett]
[E.J. Hale & Son]
[F. &  R. Bailey]
[F. & R. Bailey]
[George F. Cram Company]
[George F. Cram]
[H.C. Carey & I. Lea]
[Harper & Bros.]
[Homann Heirs]
[Isaac Collins]
[J. and C. Blaeu]
[J. Crissy]
[J. Hinton]
[Jacob Meurs]
[Jan Jansson]
[John Conrad]
[John McRae]
[John Ogilby]
[John Thomson & Co.]
[l'Abbe Grenet]
[L. Johnson]
[M. Carey]
[Morse & Tuttle]
[N.C. Agricultural Experiment Station]
[Rand McNally & Company]
[Robert Armstrong]
[Robert de Vaugondy]
[S. Augustus Mitchell]
[S.A. Mitchell, Jr.]
[S.A. Mitchell]
[The Depot]
[Thomas & Andrews]
[U.S. Coast Survey]
[U.S. Government Printing Office]
[United States Coast Survey]
[United States Government Printing Office]
[United States. Government Printing Office]
[W.C. Woodbridge]
[William Darby]
[Wm. M. Bradley & Bros.]
A. & C. Black
A. Finley
A. Zatta
A.A. Grant
A.E. Miller
A.J. Johnson
Alvin J. Johnson & Co.
Andrus & Judd
Aus der Graviranstalat des Bibliographisch. Instituts zu Hildburghausen
B. T. Welch & Co.
Bandy & Myers
Bennett, John.
Bowen & Co.
Bureau of Information, Hendersonville, N.C.
C. Corbett
C. E. Miller
C.B. Graham
C.B. Graham's Lithy.
C.J. Peters & Son
C.S. Hammond & Co.
Cady & Burgess
Carey & Hart
Century Co.
Charles DeSilver
Charles Desliver
Charles Henry Smith
Charles Knight
Charles Knight & Co.
Chez l'Honore & Chatelain Libraires
chez le Rouge
chez Pierre Mortier
chez Remondini
D.S. Stone
DeSilver Thomas & Co.
E. & G.W. Blunt
E.J. Hale & Son Publishers
Edme Mentelle
Edward and Charles Dilly
Edwards & Broughton
Engineer Dept. [U.S.] Army
Excusum in aedibus Iudoci Hondij, veneunt etiam apud Corneliu[m] Nicolai, item apud Ianssoniu[m] Arn
F. & R. Bailey
Fairbanks & Palmer
Fielding Lucas
Fonderie et Imprimerie de J. Carez
Freeman Hunt & Co.
G. Ramsay
G.G. & J. Robinson and J. Mawman
G.R. French
G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.
Gaylord Watson
Gentleman's Magazine
Geological Survey (U.S.)
George Cox
George F. Cram
George F. Cram Company
George Savage
George W. Tate
Graphic Co., Photo-Lithographers
H.B. Stranahan and Co.
H.C. Carey & I. Lea
H.D. Symonds
H.H. Lloyd & Co.
H.P. Lathrop
Harper & Bros.
Hayes & Zell
Henry S. Tanner
Herman Moll
Higgins, Bro. & Co.
Hosford & Co.
Hosford & Ketcham
Hosford & Sons
I. King
I. Thomas & E.T. Andrews
I.T. Hinton & Simpkin & Marshall
Illman & Pilbrow
im Verlage des Geographishen Instituts
J. Bew  Paternoster Row
J. Cary
J. Grigg
J. Munsell
J. Reid
J. Stockdale
J.F. Trow  printer
J.H. Colton
J.H. Colton & Co.
J.L. Smith
Johannis van Keulen
John Bennett
John Bowles
John Brickell
John F. Waite Publishing Company
John MacRae
John Stockdale
John Thomson & Co.
Johnson & Browning
Johnson & Ward
Julius Bien and Co.
l'Hôtel de Soubise
L. Johnson & Son
Laurie & Whittle
Mackenzie & Dent
Mathew Carey
Miller & Hutchens
Moore & Gatling
Moss Engraving Co.
N. &. S. S. Jocelyn
N.C. Geological Survey
Nathan Whiting
Nichols & Gorman
North Carolina Geological Survey (1883-1905)
North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission
North Carolina State Highway Commission.
North Carolina State Highway Commission. Planning and Research Dept.
North Carolina. Corporation Commission.
North Carolina. State Geologist.
North Carolina. Superintendent of Common Schools.
O.W. Gray & Son
P. Santini
P. van der Aa
Pearce & Williams
Philip Lea
Pierre Gregoire Chandlaire
Post Office Dept.
Presso La Calcografia Camerale
Printed by J.C. for Samuel Heyrick, at Grays-Inne-gate in Holborn
Pudney & Russell
R. Baldwin
R. Sayer and J. Bennett
R.A. Yoder
Rand McNally and Company
Raynal, Guilaume Thomas Francois
Richard Phillips
Robert A. Welcke
Robert Sayer
Robert Sayer and Thomas Jeffreys
Rogers, Sion H.
Rudolf en Gerard Wetstein
S. Augustus Mitchell
S. Hooper
S.A. Mitchell
Samuel Maverick
Sanborn Map Company
Sayer, Robert.
Schonberg & Co.
Snyder, Black & Sturn
Southern Map Company
T. C. Harris
Taintor Bros. & Merrill
The Scarborough Company
Theodore De Bry
Thomas & Andrews
Thomas Bowles
Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
Timothy Childe
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.
United States Coast Survey
United States Geological Survey
United States Government Printing Office
United States.  Army. Office of the Chief of Engineers
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
United States. War Dept.
Virtue, Yorsten & Company
W. Endicott & Co.
Walters, Hughes & Co.
Warner & Beers
Weeks, Jordan & Co.
Wells & Brinkley Engineers
West Pub. Co.
William D. Ticknor
William Gordon
William Mount and Thomas Page
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