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For the North Carolina Maps project, the titles captured in this field reflect the titles in the original catalog records.

Map titles are often easy to determine, in many cases they are displayed prominently on the map itself. The most common map title in the North Carolina Maps project is "North Carolina." However, there are still many maps that pose some difficulties, especially manuscript maps, which sometimes have no clear titles at all, and early printed maps, which often have long, flowery titles.

Maps cataloged by the UNC Library follow the standards outlined in AACR2 and its supplement for cartographic materials.

Maps cataloged by the North Carolina State Archives and the Outer Banks History Center can include some additional information in the title field, most often the name of the cartographer or surveyor. This is helpful in distinguishing between multiple maps with similar titles.

Titles provided by the cataloger are given in brackets. Abbreviated titles use ellipses.

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