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1970 Brochure

Fiddler's Grove 1970 Album Cover

Bluegrass Festival Poster
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Autumn Square-Up Poster
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Letter from Guthrie T. Meade, April 5, 1970.
"Construction Work Starts on Facility," Statesville Record and Landmark (February 22, 1970).
"Fiddler's Festival Begins Wednesday," Source Unknown (March 27, 1970).
Hank Van Hoy , "Fiddler's Festival Begins Wednesday," Daily Tar Heel (March 24, 1970).


Hank Van Hoy et al., "Union Grove Fiddling Festivals: Will the Real Fiddler's Convention Please Stand Up?" Protean Radish (March 25, 1970).
Arlene Edwards , "Two Conventions; Same Fun" Winston-Salem Journal (March 28, 1970).
"Winners Listed," Statesville Record and Landmark (March 30, 1970).
Roy Thompson, "The Lion and the Lamb: The Way It Was at Union Grove," Source Unknown (April 5, 1970).
Mike McGee , "Fiddlin' & feudin'," Village Voice (April 9, 1970).

"Music Show Slated at Fiddler's Grove ," Statesville Record and Landmark (May 11, 1970).

"Bluegrass Festival Set," Statesville Record and Landmark (June 27, 1970).
"At Fiddler's Grove, Bluegrass Festival Held," Statesville Record and Landmark (July 6, 1970).
"Fiddler's Convention Moved to New Home," Source Unknown (1970).
"Statement Issued on Event," Source Unknown (1970).


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Fiddler of the Festival:
Lost John Ray
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