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Cookie and the Cupcakes
Cookie and the Cupcakes

Cookie and the Cupcakes were the quintessential swamp pop band of south Louisiana. Their No. 1 South Louisiana hit record "Mathilda" rose to No. 47 on the Billboard chart in 1959. Bandleader Cookie (Hugh Thierry) was born in the community of Roanoke, near Jennings, Louisiana. He shared lead vocals and tenor sax with Lake Charles' Shelton Dunaway. Other band members were Sidney Reynaud, Marshall Laday, Ernest Jacobs, Joe Landry and Ivory Jackson. The group recorded "Cindy Lou" and "Such As Love" for Goldband in 1955 under the name "The Boogie Ramblers." Eddie Shuler hoped they would come back to the studio for a follow-up session, but had neglected to sign a contract with them: "In those days I just didn't worry about fixing contracts for artists and with this group this was the one thing I should have done. The sales of the record were quite good for a new group's first release, and realizing their potential I tried to get them back into the studio to cut a follow-up. One day I heard a record called 'Mathilda' on the radio and then I knew they never would. One cannot blame them for finding a better deal, for that's human nature, but I did blame myself for not conducting the business properly. I made it a point from then on to never record anyone without a contract."

The band changed their name to "Cookie and the Cupcakes," and recorded several other swamp pop classics, including "Belinda," "Betty and Dupree," and "Got You on My Mind." In the mid-1960s, Cookie moved to California. Swamp pop beginning slowly declining during the rest of the decade, and the rest of the band dispersed in the early 1970s.

Selected Recordings by Cookie and the Cupcakes
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"In the Evening"
"Cindy Lou"
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