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Gene Terry

Terry Gene DeRouen was born on January 7, 1940 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1942, his family moved to Port Arthur, Texas. Gene grew up listening to his father and grandfather performing Cajun music. He also attended house and barn dances with his uncle, R. C. DeRouen, a Cajun musician. His uncle taught him how to play guitar and eventually Gene accompanied him on stage. Gene formed his own group, the Kool Kats in the mid-1950's playing country and western songs. Gradually rhythm and blues began to enter the band's repertoire as Gene became influenced by Little Richard, Elvis Presley and local KTRM deejay J. P. "the Big Bopper" Richardson. The band changed its name to the Down Beats and began attracting a loyal following. Word spread to Lake Charles, LA gaining the attention of local club owners and a five year contract with Goldband Records. Gene Terry and the Down Beats recorded several singles for Goldband including classic "Cindy Lou."

Selected Recordings by Gene Terry
FC-12531 /
Freddie Fender and His Friends at Goldband



/ "Cindy Lou"
45-1066 /
"Cindy Lou" b/w "Teardrops In My Eyes"
"Cindy Lou" / streaming mp3 * streaming realaudio
"Teardrops In My Eyes"
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