Hillbilly Music
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Archie Green:
"Hillbilly Music"
Guthrie Meade:
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About the Site

The site was designed so that users could approach the media in a variety of ways: through the exhibition, through simple indexes, or through Archie Green's article, which provides the intellectual core of the exhibit.

It is important to emphasize that this exhibit, while utilizing digital processes, is not, strictly speaking, a digitization project, which typically implies a preservation element, but rather an exhibition of a virtual collection displayed digitally. CD-quality sound files have been created from source 78s and tapes, then compressed to .mp3 format at 128 kbps, for convenience of transmission online. Similarly, images scanned at a resolution of 150 dpi have been compressed to .jpg format at 72 dpi, to facilitate stronger performance of the site across a variety of browsers and bandwidths.

The primary software tools used to construct this site and edit its media include Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Sony SoundForge, and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.